Introduction to voice commandes

Voice commands let you fully leverage the XpertEye solution using your RealWear HMT-1 and RealWear HMT-1Z1 smartglasses. 

How to do this ? Display a link that lets you generate a QR-CODE allowing to either log in to XpertEye (login, password and region) or to configure your RealWear glasses (Wifi connection, date and language of the glasses)
Close HelpClose the Help Menu
My programs
Open a menu containing all the applications available on your RealWear glasses
ConfigurationScan a QR-CODE to configure your RealWear smartglasses
XpertEyeLaunch the XpertEye application
Activate CameraEnable your Camera
Deactiver CameraDisable your Camera
Activate MicrophoneEnable your Microphone
Deactiver MicrophoneDisable your Microphone
Display CommandsOpen the Microphone and Camera options
Close CommandsHide the Microphone and Camera options
Accept CallAccept an XpertEye call
Decline CallRefuse an XpertEye call
Share videoShare your glasses' video feed during an XpertEye conference call
Stop videoStop sharing your glasses' video feed during an XpertEye conference call
Back to callBack to the current call
Hang up callEnd your XpertEye call
Exit ApplicationClose the XpertEye application
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