I cannot turn on my dedicated smartphone.

1You didn't press the power button long enough on the dedicated smartphone.Make sure to press the power button at least 3 seconds.

If the smartphone doesn't turn ON, go to the next step.
2The battery is discharged.When we try to turn ON the smartphone with a discharged battery, a low battery logo is shown with a "0%", if this is the case, please charge the dedicated smartphone.

If you can't know the glasses are discharged or nothing is shown on the scree, please go the next step.
3The smartphone doesn't take the charge.When the smartphone is plugged to a power outlet, a charge animation of the battery is shown with its level.
You can then determine the battery level and make sure the charge is working.

If you didn't notice any animation on the screen after plugged the smartphone, please contact AMA customer support.
This topic explains the appropriate procedure. 

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