The Remote Observer doesn’t see my video feed.

1The video feed is not correctly established on glasses wearer side.Make sure the video feed from the glasses is displayed on the dedicated smartphone.

If the video feed is correctly displayed on the dedicated smartphone, go to the next step.
2The Chrome browser is not up to date.The required version for the solution is indicated on the technical documentation you can find here. (private access)
We suggest you to have always the last Chrome version available.

If you browser is up to date, go to the next step.
3The solution is confronted to network restrictions.

Companies networks (Ethernet or WiFi) are often confronted to network restrictions.
To be sure this is not the case, please check with your IT department if the services and ports used by the solution are authorized.
You can find theses informations on the technical documentation, available here. (private access)

Waiting for your IT department to check the networks, we suggest you to use a 4G/LTE or portable hotspot connection, you will be able to check if you are still confronted to video feed issue.

If the network authorizations are established or you are using a 4G/LTE connection and you are still confronted to a video feed issue, please contact AMA customer support.

This topic explains the appropriate procedure. 

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