Some icons appears in grey color in XpertEye

When using XpertEye solution you might encounters issues with icons which might be missing, grey and might not respond.

Example  : 

here the login screen doesn't appear as usual.

Context : 

We experienced this issue in the following context : 

  • Data Only SIM Card 
  • On 3G mostly and 4G networks 
  • Xpert Eye version 2.2.2 and below

Resolution : 

  • The simplest is to update XpertEye to the latest version available, this will solve the problem and you can take advantage of our latest features.
  • The network quality doesn't allow you to update XpertEye, you have to modify an existing APN in the dedicated smartphone settings.

First, open the Applications menu then  press on Settings.

Go to More

Select Cellular Networks

Click on Access Point Names

You must find a list like the one below.

Choose the selected APN, the one with the green point, and click on it.

You have to delete the informations in Proxy and Port lines.

To save the changes, click on  at the top of the screen and save the settings

 Warning: This do not solve the issue, it's only a workaround. This issue can recur after rebooting, or change the SIM card. To permanently resolve it, you must update XpertEye to the latest version available.

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