How to drive RealWear glasses by USB on MAC?

Requirements: Apple Mac, running OS X 10.8 or greater.  

1. From your MAC, connect to the page

2. On Download part, click on « Download for MAC». 

The file « » is downloaded on your MAC. 

3. Dezip it. 

4. Run the RealWear Explorer installer that is extracted: « RWexplorer_installer_4.0.0 ».

5. Drag the RealWear Explorer application icon to the Applications folder.

6. Once the application is installed and launched, start your glasses. 

7. Connect your glasses to your MAC by using the USB cable delivered by AMA. 

8. When you connect your glasses, a message appears asking if you would like to install an application called "RealWear Cast" on your glasses. Click on No. 

9. The home page of the RealWear appears. 

You have the possibility to navigate on the system without the voices commands. 

You can configure your glasses on advanced mode. 


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