TEST Versionning

December 15th 2018 -XpertEye v4.01
  • Rename Conference on creation
  • Set Conference duration on creation
  • Notification before conference destruction
  • Hangup video call from board (1to1 and conference)
  • Proceedix in Beta zone
  • Anonymous guest invitation from O1 (for 1to1 call only)
  • Screensharing (1to1 and conference)
  • Import PDF in board (1to1 and conference)
  • Video cursor O1/M1/Glass (1to1 call)
  • confidential mode (from Optel project)
  • Change of USB camera name (we now use real name instead of generic name)
  • Back camera selected by default on O1 mobile
October 22nd 2018 -XpertEye v3.6
  • Conference mode.
  • Additional language support : Spanish.
  • Support contact information updated according to the geographical area.
September 4th 2018 -XpertEye v3.5
  • Update of our XpertEye solution for Google Chrome 69
July 3rd 2018 -XpertEye v3.4
  • Make an XpertEye call between two participants connected to the dedicated website.
  • Check if an XpertEye account is already connected.
  • Additional language support : German.
  • Switching the main video stream and microphone during an XpertEye call is possible.
February 26th 2018 -XpertEye v3.2
  • Support of Endoscope USB camera
  • Support of a selection of cameras UVC ( UVC Camera bodycam (IDS) & UVC Camera webcam (Creative et M. Way)
  • Support of new model of glasses  (FUJITSU HMD-IOT001 & REALWARE HMT-1)
  • Adding of new features on videoconferencing screen during a call
  • Support of front/back camera
  • Control of Frame Per Second setting (F.P.S.)
  • Select glasses or phone microphone from XpertEye settings
  • Improvement of progression bar during files loading

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