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BOARD Overview

The Board allows you to take snapshots of the video feed being transmitted by your interlocutor and edit them via a tools menu. It also allows you to draw a diagram directly from a white board or to send an image to the glasses.

On the XpertEye call screen shown above, click on the Video Camera icon  to hide the video you are broadcasting. Click on this icon again to display the video. During video calling, it is desirable to stop your video feed to:

  • give priority to the Glass Wearer's video over yours,
  • improve the connection quality during the call.

Click on the microphone button to mute your microphone during the conversation. Click on this button again to unmute it.

The Zoom  button allows you to zoom in or zoom out on what the glass wearer is transmitting.

From the thumbnai test image à coté==>  <== , a click on the board icon  allows you to display a white board or reopen the board if it has already been opened.

Click on the  button to make a screenshot of what is viewed via the glasses. You can also highlight an element on which the glass wearer must act and open it in the board.

Click on the button  to activate or deactivate the torch of your contact wearing an XpertEye dedicated device.

  • Tools menu
  • Function bar



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